Meet the Cactaceaes


Life is a choice and I chose nature. Our ancestors treated mother earth for their own good. Some saw the good in nature, others saw nature for its goods. Since then, we got the same dilemma "nature to serve or to serve nature". I founded CACTUS as I see the good in nature and I see nature for its goods. Sustainability is both, I firmly believe in sharing resources fairly between all living organisms. We came a long way since the industrial revolution, we exhausted earth's resources, now it is time to give them back. It is a complicated process, however, it is not impossible.

I grew up in a small village in southern Lebanon, my father a history teacher, connected with nature through agriculture. This was when I first encountered its resources. I remember each season he used to sing a traditional verse to welcome the very first vegetable product:

"Blessed livelihood
new livelihood
he who fed us
long may he live"

My father learned it from his father, so at the very least this verse is dated back to the 1920s, possibly even older. People at that time believed in the holiness of the earth's resources. Going back even further, people worshiped nature resources. Obviously, worshiping is not the verb I am looking to use in the present day. At the very least we have to respect, protect and be wise in using our resources and that's what CACTUS will be here for.

DoB: 1995


  • Mater of Science in Sustainable Environmental Systems, 2022, Brooklyn, New York.

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 2018, Koura, Liban Nord.

  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, 2016, Saida, Liban Sud.


  • Reading novels, my favorites are:

    • Les Misérables by Victor Hugo;

    • A song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin;

  • Designing websites and Social Media Posts;

  • Drawing and Making Crafts.